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Growing My Own Tomatoes

Well I started planting again.. It has been 2 years since I last planted vegetables now am back to it..

tomato, grow your own tomatoes

I bought tomato seeds months back and had them planted.. they are looking good now.

I am going to use them for the kids’ favorite baked mac :D.  I have my own recipe for it that they really love.  It has been a while since I last cooked it for them and am sure they missed it already..

tomato, grow your own tomatoes

I had these tomatoes planted in cans only.. have no space for a real garden so have to make use of whatever is available.  The cans are put just 0utside our fence, thankfully no dogs, cats or other animals come near it..

If you noticed, those small red fruits beside the tomatoes, those are Philippine chilies and they are super duper hot..


Learn how to easily grow your own juicy tomatoes..

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How to grow your own tomatoes
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