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Buchi – Glutinous Rice Balls

This is another favorite.. especially by my little boy, he gets to help whenever I make this delicious snack, rolling the glutinuous rice flour into balls :D.  Also  did you know that sesame seeds have health benefits?  That added a plus to this healthy snack.

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For the fillings you can put anything you like… the one above is cheese :).  I can stare at this ball for hours lol.. making me hungry..

foodtrip, jayrene, filipino recipes, recipes, sesame seeds

2 cups glutinous rice flour
1 cup rice flour
1/4 cup light brown sugar (white will do, I always prefer the brown sugar)
sesame seeds
1/4 cup water (add more if needed)
Oil for frying

Combine the glutinous rice flour and the rice flour.  Make a well and add the water.  Knead to turn into a dough.  Then roll it like a log.

I am doing this with the help of the my 5 year old.. lol.  He gets to sprinkle flour on the log rice flour

foodtrip, jayrene, filipino recipes, recipes, sesame seeds

Cut them into desired pieces, flatten it and add any fillings that you like.  My  fillings were cheese, strawberry jam and peanut butter.

foodtrip, jayrene, filipino recipes, recipes, sesame seeds

After putting fillings fold and roll them into balls, then roll the balls in sesame seeds.

Deep fry until golden brown and drain.

foodtrip, jayrene, filipino recipes, recipes, sesame seeds


Sesame seeds health benefits:

foodtrip, jayrene, filipino recipes, recipes, sesame seeds

Did you know that sesame seeds has long been widely used in in traditional medicines for their nutritive, preventive, and curative properties. Its oil seeds are sources for phyto-nutrients like omega-6 fatty acids, flavonoid phenolic anti-oxidants, vitamins and dietary fiber with potent anti-cancer.

Sesame seed is considered to be the oldest oilseed crop known, domesticated well over 5000 years ago. Sesame is very drought-tolerant. It has been called a survivor crop, with an ability to grow where most crops fail… more from wiki

Growing My Own Tomatoes

Well I started planting again.. It has been 2 years since I last planted vegetables now am back to it..

tomato, grow your own tomatoes

I bought tomato seeds months back and had them planted.. they are looking good now.

I am going to use them for the kids’ favorite baked mac :D.  I have my own recipe for it that they really love.  It has been a while since I last cooked it for them and am sure they missed it already..

tomato, grow your own tomatoes

I had these tomatoes planted in cans only.. have no space for a real garden so have to make use of whatever is available.  The cans are put just 0utside our fence, thankfully no dogs, cats or other animals come near it..

If you noticed, those small red fruits beside the tomatoes, those are Philippine chilies and they are super duper hot..


Learn how to easily grow your own juicy tomatoes..

Tinolang Manok (Chicken Soup – Filipino Style)


A famous soup dish here in the Philippines, Tinolang Manok. This chicken soup when cooked with a generous thin slices of ginger is good for your health especially when one have coughs and colds, or even flu.

Ahhh.. this is one of my favorite, I always try to cooked this during rainy season, and i always make sure there are more than enough ginger slices in the mix, it taste better that way :).

Tinolang Manok

1/2 kilo chicken (chopped to pieces)
1 small green papaya
1/2 or 1 cup chili leaves
2 cups malunggay leaves (optional – this is nutritious though)
ginger thinly sliced
1 medium onion sliced
1 chicken cube (to add more flavor – optional)
salt and pepper to taste
1 piece green chili cut into two (optional)

1. Boil chicken, papaya, onion and ginger in a pot with enough water till tender.
2. Add the chicken cubes, all the leafy ingredients and simmer till malunggay leaves are cooked.
3. Add the green chili, salt and pepper to taste, simmer to at least 1 or 2 minutes or till the chili becomes soft.
4. Serve hot with steamed rice.



If you are wondering what malunggay leaves looks like, here it is…

Squash Balls

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? ~Author Unknown


Courtesy of my 15 year old daughter with some changes from me, especially with the taste… lol.

This one is a very easy recipe, ingredients are very easy to find.

When I was cooking that Crab in Coconut Milk (recipe previous post), my daughter asked me to leave some of the squash for her and I asked her what she’s going to do with it, she said she’s going to try to make a squash ball, and will bring it to school for her packed lunch. I was surprised and impressed the next morning, her squash ball was done and it looked good, as for the taste, well it’s not that flattering since it’s her first time to do it, but it’s passable. So today, for our lunch we made a squash ball again, this time I added a few more ingredients.

1/4 cut of a medium squash (peeled and grated)
1/2 cup all purpose flour
1 medium sized egg (beaten)
Bread crumbs
Salt to taste
Ground pepper
Garlic powder
Oil for frying

Mix the grated squash, flour, and egg in a bowl.
Form small balls and roll in bread crumbs.
Deep fry till golden brown.
Serve with hot rice, use catsup or chili sauce for dipping.


Another way of doing this:
Do not mix the grated squash, flour and egg.
Form squash into small balls instead, roll them in the flour, then dip in the egg and roll in the bread crumbs then fry.

Flatten the squash balls to form squash patties ^_^

As a snack:
Omit the salt, pepper, garlic powder. Add brown sugar and milk instead.

For vegetarians:
Omit egg and replace with milk.

Ginataang Alimasag (Crab in coconut milk)


This dish is one of my favorite.  Very simple to do, doesn’t require too much skills :).

1 kilo medium sized Alimasag/Crab (cut in half)
String beans (cut into 1 inch)
1/4 Squash (sliced)
1 medium sized onion (sliced)
1 medium sized ginger (sliced thinly)
Coconut milk (buy large coconut)
Salt, pepper to taste
Chilli powder (optional)

Coconut milk:
For first juice extract, add half cup water then extract the juice, drain and set aside.
For second juice extract, add one and a half cup water then extract juice, drain and set aside.

Put all ingredients in a large pan.
Add the second juice extract of the coconut milk.
Bring to a boil.
When vegetables are cooked add in the coconut milk also known here as kakang gata (first coconut juice extract).
Season with salt and pepper.
Add chilli powder if you like.
Simmer for 5 minutes.
Serve hot with rice.

Adobong Sitaw (String Beans)

This is one of the easiest dish to cook here. Adobong sitaw has been a favorite of mine since I was a child.

Here’s a simple recipe of this Filipino dish.

One of my favorite vegetable dish that is so easy to cook!

1 cup sitaw (stringbeans) cut into 1 inch size
3 cloves of garlic minced and chopped
1 medium onion sliced
3 tablespoons of soy sauce
3 tablespoons of vinegar
half a glass of water
200 g chicken fillet sliced or ground pork (meat is optional)
oil for frying
salt, pepper to taste
2 pcs dried bay leaf (laurel)

Add oil in a pan, and fry garlic, then onion till soft. Add in the meat (here i used chicken fillet) stir fry, then add the string beans, stir fry a little. Add the liquid ingredients and simmer. Add salt and pepper, depending on your taste. Cook until the vegetables are tender, add in the bay leaf and peppercorns a minute or two before turning off the fire.

Serve with rice.


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