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jayrene.com, weight lossEPX Body Burn

EPXbody Burn is a breakthrough, all-natural product that suppresses appetite and increases metabolism so you can burn more calories…and with over 20 years of research backing it, the main ingredient in EPXbody Burn, Irvingia Gabonensis is clinically proven to decrease weight, body fat, and waist size.

Suppresses Appetite: EPXbody Burn is a powerful appetite suppressant that naturally curbs cravings and decreases hunger. It acts quickly and lasts all day – making portion control and weight loss easier!

Speeds Weight Loss: Men and women using EPXbody Burn lost an average of 28 pounds without altering their diet over a 10-week period compared to less than 2 pounds in the placebo group.

Increases Energy: Not only does EPXbody Burn enhance fat loss, it provides energy boosting benefits to those who use it as a supplement. It delivers hours of sustained energy...perfect to jumpstart a weight loss plan.

Burn Fat Fast: EPXbody Burn produces a powerful thermogenic fat-burning effect. In a 10-week study, participating men and women reduced their total body fat by an average of 18.4%.

Shrinks Belly Fat: Taking EPXbody Burn, study participants dramatically reduced their belly fat and shed 6.7 inches from their waistline…without additional diet and exercise.

Improves Overall Health: The same mechanisms that enable EPXbody Burn to reduce body fat have been found to also lower metabolic syndrome risk factors and improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

jayrene.com, healthy body, weight lossEPXbody Daily Sea Veg® containing the FarmaSea blend® is the new UNvitamin®.

The more you know about nutrition, the better EPXbody Daily looks! The less you know, the better Flintstones and mainstream synthetic multiples look. Knowledge is power, so take charge of your health and your family’s health and join the millions of people in America who insure their health by feeding their blood these powerful plant nutrients every single day.  Sending a check to an insurance company DOES NOT INSURE THE HEALTH OF YOUR CELLS! Remember,The Power is in the Blood! Our 100% vegetable Multi-Nutritional™, dietary FOOD supplement, contains twelve edible species (chosen from over 10,000) of whole red, brown, and green sea plants harvested and imported from pristine oceans in Asia, Iceland, France and Ireland, with the help of Dr. Stefan Kraan Ph.D. Marine Botany. Eat these pills every day and you’ll have an inner ocean, pH balanced and clean!

No other supplement can match EPXbody Daily® and don’t be fooled by look-alike, knock-offs. We import tonnage; otherwise your price would be much higher. If you see a lower priced sea plant supplement, there WILL be a hidden “catch”, so beware! I have devoted 28 years of my life to this mission; To bring the most powerful nutrition on Earth to my family, my loyal and healthy clients, and to spread the word to the struggling masses!  Our number one priority is creating the most powerful dietary FOOD pill in history, with The FarmaSea® Blend of Sea Plants.  We go to Great Depths for Your Health®

EPXbody Daily is a 100% vegetable dietary supplement and contains 12 edible and organic species, not only from the clean waters on the west coast of IRELAND, but now from Pristine Oceans around the world, chosen from 10,000 varieties chosen for their powerful nutritional profiles. No other product anywhere has this amazing formulation. Sea plants are more potent than any land plant salad and contain hundreds of natural plant compounds know as phyto (plant) nutrients. Many of these natural compounds are necessary, but are missing from our processed food supply.

The US government has now increased its suggestion of fruit and vegetable intake from 3-5 servings per day to 5-13 servings per day. The land plants we are accustomed to eating, however, are not nearly as beneficial as sea plants. EPXbody Daily contains a full spectrum of natural (photosynthetic) vitamins, trace minerals, lipids, plant sterols, amino acids, omega 3's and 6's, antioxidants, growth hormones, polyphenols, flavonoids and much more. It also contains powerful phytonutrients Fucoidan and Laminarin, which are not found in land plants.

EPXbody Daily is up to 60 times more potent than any land plant salad and contains hundreds of organic plant compounds known as phyto (plant) chemicals. These organic compounds are extremely necessary for proper cell health, but many are missing from our processed food supply.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of EPXbody Daily

Promotes Healthier Skin
May lower cholesterol levels
Helps fight allergies
Helps relieve stomach disorders
Helps support liver functionality
Helps fight free radicals
Known to stabilize blood sugar
May inhibit blood clotting
Used to assist in weight loss
Believed to help lower cholesterol
Inhibits uptake of heavy metals
Used to remove toxins and heavy metals